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Hotel Gorenje – Prishtina

Hotel Gorenje – Prishtina

Hotel Gorenje is a luxury hotel, located in Veternik Pristina. It was built in 2005, in center ”Gorenje” and it has 18 rooms. Hotel Gorenje offers exclusive rooms, exceptional restaurant, great parking area, beautiful terrace with a great view, business center, and a conference hall with 100m2, 65 seating places, a video beam, and a great sound system.

Rooms has private bathroom, minibar, TV, balcony, air conditioner, hair dryer, telephone, alarm clock, fire alarm, and also its possible room service and breakfast room service.

Room     Description     Price
Double or Twin     Double rooms have one double bed Twin rooms have two single beds     101 €

Hotel facilities are: internet access, parking, meeting and event room, business center, 24 hours security, 2 elevators, Jacuzzi, laundry service, dry cleaning service, ironing table service, and a garden.

This hotel has also exclusive restaurant. Modern restaurant offers professional services and a delicious food for exquisite taste. Cuisine offers a European menu. Restaurants opening hours are from 7 AM to 12 PM.

Check in and check out is 24h.
Reservations are obliged, 72 hrs. ahead.
Breakfast is included in room price.
A price includes VAT.

Address :Rr. Veternik n.n Prishtina, Kosovo

Tel: + 381 38 55 77 00
Fax: + 381 38 55 77 00


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